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Just a Backbeat.

I really enjoy the melody you have going. A good way to make a minor tone sound pleasant. Gets some lyrics down then maybe I can give you a ten, but a background beat is just classified as instrumental. Just because you add acoustic drum samples doesn't really classify it as hip-hop. The beat that you have composed would fall into the category of old school hip-hop anyway. Keep writing my man. I like your instrumental composing.

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C-Enterprise responds:

I appreciate the criticism, but I think that using drums that sounds like they're acoustic doesn't really make an instrumental to be oldschool.. well maybe i'm wrong.
Thanks anyway ;)


Yo hoe!!!! Its good but stop using fl studio default loops. Get some of your own. Four count turn to the rear!!! Haaaa haaaa rrrr cccchhhh. Ur gay.


Overall you did a great job remaking this song. The vocals weren't really in time with the instruments at one point. I'd give it a ten if you took the time to fix that.


Damn dude.

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Its allrite, needs some serious bass therapy. its got some potential.
By the way, Kingof Snipers is a fucking idiot. The crash is fine, its just on the E of the beat. Peace dude.


Really cool song love the bass. I'd consider this a club song because of some of those beats that you put in there. Drums were very creative.


Yo man, this is so much better than your other stuff dude. Stick to this kind of stuff. I have Reason 4.0 if you wanna check it.


Very creative song my man. Love the jazz and latin mixes, they fit right into each other. Nice vocoder and arppegiator work. The drum loop is pretty tight too.
Just don't take credit for that arppegiator doing all of the work ,haha. Loved it by the way.

Stan-SB responds:

it wasnt an arppegiator i played it in at half speed

whats your email address ill send you the midi file


First of all, the percussion and ecspeciallt the drums sound tight as shit. I love the delays that you put in with the set .

boney-man responds:

thanks a lot. it took a while to find the right drum samples, and i couldn't find a snare, so i ended up making the snare sample myself.


Get a real drummer and maybe it will sound better.
Yea dude a drummer mixes things up a bit, you need fills, more cymbal effects, the drums sound cheesy as shit in this song.
Dude, you need some break downs also. Change up the guitar melody a bit and rhythm.
Pump up the bass on this too.

GoreBastard responds:

I can't use real drums coz recording drums in my house would kill the neighbours ears. I also have no mics for that kind of thing. I've tried programming better fills and stuff, but it's hard to with a program.
Cheers for listening man.

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